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Source Spring 1999

Source Spring 1999

Spring 1999: Issue 18

Edited by John Duncan and Richard West.


42 pages
260 x 205 mm
ISSN 13692224


This issue of Source magazine contains a commissioned article by Siún Hanrahan (IE, F) based on her experience of visiting the Royal Ulster Constabulary’s archive of photographs depicting crime scenes – some of murder, assault and robbery. This article was particularly powerful in that it was commissioned at a time after The Good Friday Agreement was signed, when people in the North of Ireland were becoming less accustomed to seeing violence in their everyday lives. This issue also features commissioned photography by Jimi Hughes (NI, M), Amanda Dunsmore (US, F), Jim Vaughan (IE, M) and Pádraig Murphy (IE, M) as well a series of reviews of artists such as Paul Graham (GB, M) and Annalies Strba (CH, F), and a review by Carlo Gébler (IE, M) of the photobook Inside Eye: Wandsworth Prison Seen Through Prisoners Eyes, which was conceived of by a photography enthusiast and prison warden in Wandsworth who originated a photography project among the prisoners, a medium which is ordinarily prohibited in prisons unlike other art forms.  This issue also includes a readership survey (loose) which seeks to gather information about the readers themselves in addition to asking them to rate the different elements of the magazine, such as the colour reproduction, topicality and reviews. The cover image is from the Royal Ulster Constabulary photography archive.

Artists and writers featured in this issue include Jimi Hughes (NI, M), Amanda Dunsmore (US, F), Siún Hanrahan (IE, F), Jim Vaughan (IE, M), Pádraig Murphy (IE, M), Paul Graham (GB, M), Joel Sternfeld (US, M), Simon Norfolk (GB, M), Frankie Quinn (NI, M), Carlo Gébler (IE, M), Annalies Strba (CH, F), Michael Boran (IE, M), Gavin Murphy (IE, M), Fiona Kearney (IE, M), John Taylor (M), Louise Gagen (F), Maeve O’Sullivan (IE, M) and Justin Carville (IE, F).

The commissioned essay in this issue, by Siún Hanrahan, examines the Royal Ulster Constabulary photographic archive. To accompany the article we are publishing a selection of photographs from this archive showing the scenes of crimes; a murder, an assault and an armed robbery. We are publishing the pictures in the belief that drawing attention to their existence, and to that of the archive, could contribute to process of being reconciled to the deeds they describe.

The subject of memory and atrocity is considered by John Taylor in his review of Simon Norfolk’s book on genocide. He reaffirms the value of attempts to record crimes against humanity and examines the connection between history and photography.

Amanda Dunsmore’s photographs were produced as part of the exhibition Captivating – Art From Prison which included work by Loyalist, Republican and ‘Ordinary Decent Prisoners’. Originally each image acted as a ‘signature portrait’ shown beside an artwork produced by the prisoner.

The Source photographic commissions are Pádraig Murphy and Jim Vaughan. Both artists explore life in their local communities, respectively in Kerry and Galway. This work will be exhibited at the Old Museum Arts Centre in April. With this issue we are also carrying out a readership survey to determine what you the reader think about Source. This will run over two issues and we hope to have the results by September. Its success will be dependent on the response, so please complete your form and send it in.

— The Editors

About the Magazine
Source is a quarterly photography magazine, available in print and as a digital edition, published in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They publish emerging photographic work and engage with the latest in contemporary photography through news, thoughtful features and reviews of the latest exhibitions and books from Ireland and the UK. Their website brings together an archive of writing and pictures from the magazine alongside current features.

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