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SheReal, BeReal
Amber Redmond

SheReal, Amber Redmond

SheReal, Amber RedmondSheReal, BeReal
Amber Redmond


Softcover, hand-bound
24 pages
267 x 203 mm
ISBN Not Available


SheReal, BeReal captures the candid, behind-the-scenes moments of female athletes from various sports using a film camera to document their daily life. The featured athletes were given a care package that included a film camera and a guide to ensure that the ‘real’ moments from training/match days/preparation were captured.

For those who are unfamiliar with the current Gen Z app BeReal, it is a social media app that showcases life “without filters”. Anyone who has this app receives a notification at the same time and has two minutes to photograph what they are doing. When the BeReal is taken, it takes two photos, one with the front camera and one with the second camera.

This book utilises visual communication to explore how graphic design can contribute to helping level the playing field for women’s sport, with a focus on equity.

About the Artist
Amber Redmond is a Dublin-based Graphic Designer that has recently graduated from the National College of Art and Design. Working within visual identity, illustration, photography, publication and digital media.