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Viktor Šelesták


Viktor Šelesták
Co-published by Photoport and Slovart
English and Slovak

Text by Aurel Hrabušický


104 Pages
215 x 305 mm
ISBN 9788055643649


Viktor Šelesták (April 11, 1989 in Košice) is a representative of a new type of photography that emerged only in this century. It is a special type of photographic documentary, the focus of which is not people, but rather the traces they leave behind, the products of civilization. They are created in different parts of the world, but unlike his Western colleagues, Šelesták mostly takes photos in the “wild east”. It mainly focuses on the contemporary urban landscape, mostly Slovak, which is literally saturated with colors. He perceives reality as a colorful patchwork, a colorful patch on a patch. It is a cheerful, downright joyful, and at the same time bleak world. Nevertheless, his photos are beautiful, just as the title says – #selestakovepeknefotky. Although they mostly reflect the discordant reality in which the author most often moves, they themselves are in harmony because they are precise and exact. All images are taken with a smartphone and were gradually published on Instagram. As an image-photographic publication, they actually represent an experiment.

About the Artist
Viktor Šelesták is a visual artist based in Bratislava.

About the Publisher
Photoport is a contemporary art gallery, based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The Slovart publishing house has been operating on the Slovak book market since 1991. From the beginning, we have tried to bring our readers books in which content and form play an equally important role, that is, in which high-quality and demanding content is combined with polygraphically and artistically flawless form.

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