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Schattentanz (Shadow Dance)
Christian Borchert

Christian Borchert: Schattentanz

Schattentanz, Christian BorchertSchattentanz (Shadow Dance)
Christian Borchert
ex pose verlag
Co-Published by Hesperus Print 

Edited by Hansgert Lambers and Jens Bove


Edition of 500
136 Pages
210 x 245 mm
ISBN 9783925935770



Christian Borchert (1942–2000) saw himself as a documentarian who wanted to reproduce his observations faithfully and without effects. Lovingly, yet unsentimentally, he saw his compatriots in East Germany in the second half of the 20th century. Mainly on his own behalf, he did street photography in the tradition of “human interest”. His focus was on the everyday, the unspectacular. A fine sense of humor runs through his pictures. The portraits are characterized by respect for the sitter. He paid attention to children and the elderly, loners, couples and groups, especially women and their changed public image. Borchert was a discreet chronicler of his time.

About the Artist
Christian Borchert (1942–2000) is one of the outstanding photographers of the GDR and reunified Germany. Born in Dresden and mainly active in Berlin and his hometown, he has developed a visual language that is as cautious as it is haunting with his distanced, analytical photographs.

About the Publisher
ex pose verlag was established in Westberlin in 1986. They publish contemporary photographic work  especially focused on Eastern Europe.

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