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Aleana Egan

Sampler, Aleana Egan

Sampler, Aleana EganSampler
Aleana Egan
Void Gallery


Edition of 400
56 pages
140 x 210 mm
ISBN 9781838399603


Sampler is an artist’s book on the occasion of Aleana Egan’s solo show at Void Gallery, Derry. Egan has a nuanced approach to working with materials that are familiar and that often have residual memories associated with them. The word ‘sampler’ derives from the Latin exemplum, meaning an ‘example’. In the context of sewing and textiles, it was originally like a personal notebook for keeping stitches and motifs of interest together. This publication brings these works together under this title to emphasise the ephemeral and fragmentary.  It will continue her investigation into creating an ambient space through which to convey emotions by using sparing sculptural gestures. In short, expressing the immaterial through material means.

About the Artist
Aleana Egan (b. 1979) is an Irish artist. She uses a variety of materials to create sculptural gestures and installations which can take the form of slender, fluid works and a more densely concentrated constellation of forms. Often, the sculptures are expressive whilst using a language of materials and artistic technique that is sparing.

About the Publisher
Void is a contemporary art gallery in Derry that commissions and produces a visual arts programme that aims to challenge our audience and promote the arts to new and existing audiences. The programme supports a diverse range of artistic practices of national and international artists.

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