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Rather Rare Recipes
Peter Dressler

Rather Rare Recipes
Peter Dressler 

8 Pages
160x 240 mm
ISBN 9783901756368



In this work dated 1987 Peter Dressler describes the demonstration of an idea for which he picked incongruous set-pieces from his studio and surroundings as ingredients and presented them personally.These 18 pages (mounted on tablecloths) represent a repertoire of recipes from his sensuously associative involvement with the contents of his photography and our modern everyday life. The works have been exhibited many times, and a number of them are now owned by Salzburg’s Rupertinum.


About the Artist
Peter Dressler (1942-2013) performance-based, staged photographic series’ involve temporary and often humorous interventions into a range of public and private spaces and everyday urban situations.


About the Publisher
FOTOHOF has been publishing books and catalogues by Austrian and international photographers since its foundation in 1981.
Over 300 mainly monographic titles have been published so far, generating a publishing house with international distribution channels.

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