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Éva Szombat

Practitioners, Éva Szombat

PPractitioners, Éva Szombatractitioners
Éva Szombat
Self Published


148 pages
190 x 240 mm
ISBN 9789631257816


After researching and releasing a practical guide to Happiness Éva Szombat has decided to document actual people, who have introduced happiness into their lives to overcome misfortunes, tragedies, nuisances, or just the banality of day-to-day living.

Éva’s new work extends her interest about happiness and content life, as explored in her Happiness series.

According to its citizens, Hungary is the most depressed country of them all, making people happy a hard task. In the past 3 years it was Eva’s mission to document those who feel they can live a happy life against all odds. Maybe they turn to hard work or unorthodox methods, they go the things that make them happy and practice them on a daily basis. Practitioners proves they exist. From the most banal, everyday things to life changing decisions, these people did something for a better life.

About the Artist
Éva Szombat is a photographer working and living in Budapest. Her unique blend of glamour and sociological examination has appeared in local and international magazines, and websites including, but not limited to, Vice, Huffington Post, Ignant, Neon, Blink magazine, Vogue Spain and Feature Shoot. She got her masters’ degree in Photography from MOME (2012), and she received the Pécsi József Scholarship between 2013 and 2016, when she examined the phenomenon of happiness and its effect on people. She released two books on the subject, the limited edition Happiness, and Practitioners. She won artistic scholarships in Paris and New York. Her works were displayed in New York, Jerusalem, Milan, Vienna, Berlin, among other places. She is currently working on several new series, and she is very happy herself.

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