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Possible Relatives
Tina Enghoff

Possible Relatives
Tina Enghoff
English, Swedish

Essay by Georg Klein

92 pages
225 x 28 mm
ISBN 9197418285

Possible Relatives is a haunting book about rejection, loneliness and invisibility — about the poverty of social contact in an otherwise economically developed welfare system. The Danish photographer Tina Enghoff has documented a part of human life that few seldom witness — death in the shape of traces left by people who have passed away alone.


About the Artist
Tina Enghoff is a visual artist who is based in Copenhagen. She has a background in a lens-based artistic practice focused on critical approaches towards narration, photojournalism, and the notion of evidence alongside initiating projects that revolve around community involvement, collaborations, and site-specific artistic activism. Her work is situated within the Nordic context of colonialism, the institutional violence of the welfare state, and the power structures of the archive. The multiplicity of entry points, resistance to fixed forms of representation, and public engagement play a central role in the process of the visual expression of her projects and the development of strategies of action, gathering, resilience, collective deep listening, and care.


About the Publisher
Journal was founded by Gösta Flemming in 1991 in Sweden with an aim to publish photobooks.

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