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Christian Eggenberger

PHOTOsuisse Christian Eggenberger

PHOTOsuisse Christian EggenbergerPHOTOsuisse
Christian Eggenberger
Lars Müller Publishers
German, French, Italian, English

Texts by Christian Eggenberger, Mikhail Shishkin and Peter Pfrunder.


432 pages
240 x 166 mm
ISBN 9783037780367


Switzerland has long had world-class photographers in Robert Frank, Werner Bischof, and Rene Burri. Photosuisse takes a look at the next generation, the internationally renowned Thomas Flechtner, Annelies Strba, Balthasar Burkhard, Beat Streuli, Olaf Breuning, Luc Chessex, Georg Gerster, Urs Luthi, Jean Mohr, and others, bringing together young meteors as well as established photographers who have triggered developments over the past 30 years. Photosuisse acts as a sort of ‘musee imaginaire’ of contemporary Swiss photography and puts forth a nation of 27 unique viewpoints between the covers of a book. In addition to generous spreads of images, each artist is represented by film portraits produced by Swiss Television and collected in two DVDs.

About the Artist
Christian Eggenberger is a publicist and a producer/director in the area of culture for SF Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss Television).


About the Publisher
Lars Müller Publishers is an internationally active publishing house based in Zurich, Switzerland. It came into being in 1983, as a result of the bibliophile passion of designer Lars Müller. The house has made a worldwide name for itself – and not just in specialist fields – with carefully edited and designed publications on architecture, design, photography, contemporary art and society. The publishing program reflects Müller’s own diverse interests, documenting historical developments and contemporary phenomena by presenting compelling work in the visual arts and the design of objects and the environment and exploring its social and cultural relevance.

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