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Photopaper 23 / 24
Gauri Gill

Gauri Gill

Gauri GillPhotopaper
Issue 23 / 24
Acts of Appearance
Gauri Gill
Kasseler Fotografie Festival

Essay by Natasha Ginwala.


16 Pages
210 x 290 mm
ISBN Not Available


“Masks! Oh Masks!
Black mask, red mask, you black and white masks,
Rectangular masks through whom the spirit breathes,
I greet you in silence!
And you too, my panther headed ancestor.
You guard this place, that is closed to any feminine laughter, to any mortal smile.
You purify the air of eternity, here where I breathe the air of my fathers.
Masks of maskless faces, free from dimples and wrinkles.
You have composed this image, this my face that bends
Over the altar of white paper.
In the name of your image, listen to me!”

About the Artist
Gauri Gill (b. 1970, Chandigarh, India) has exhibit ed within India and internationally, including Documenta 14, Athens and Kassel. Her work is in the collections of prominent institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Tate Modern, London; Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi and the National Gallery of Canada, Ontario. In 2011 she was awarded the Grange Prize, Canada’s foremost award for photography. She lives and works in Delhi.

About the Journal
PHOTOPAPER is a new kind of monographic photo publication with a continuously changing editorial team of international experts. These guest editors name photographers or photographic projects which they would like to present to an international public. PHOTOPAPER features this work in single monographic issues of 16 or 32 pages. The main idea is to make high-quality printed photographic work accessible to as many people as possible by producing the final publication at a reasonable price. Therefore, the production process is reduced to a minimum while at the same time using high-end printing technology and a nice paper. Published on a quarterly basis.

About the Publisher

The Fotobookfestival Kassel is a charitable foundation that has been engaged with the artistic medium of the photobook and has presented it in all its facets, since 2008, in a festival program of international standing. The annual festival shows works by renowned artists and promotes established and emerging talents, publishers, designers, printers, curators and booksellers on an international platform. It was the first festival of its kind dedicated to the photographic book and has founded two novel book awards: The KASSEL DUMMY AWARD for the best photobook mock-up of the year has awarded emerging talents a complete photobook-production since 2010; the KASSEL PHOTOBOOK AWARD assembles the best photobooks of the previous year nominated by international experts in the field. Books entered for both awards are showcased regularly in travelling exhibitions at international festivals and photography events. These two awards are unique in their formats and have been role models for other international festivals and events.

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