Hunt & Gather, Terraria
Wawi Navarroza

Hunt & Gather, Terraria, Wawi Navarroza

Hunt & Gather, Terraria, Wawi NavarrozaHunt & Gather, Terraria
Wawi Navarroza
Co Published by 5 Ports Publishing, Studio Wawi Navarroza and Hardworking, Goodlooking

Texts by Nicolás Combarro, Lobregat Balaguer, Lena Cobangbang, Beatrice Misa and Marc Chavez.


First Edition Signe
377 pages
240 × 160 mm
ISBN 9789719580300


A multi-tiered project that combines photography, installation, public collaboration, research, publication, and gardening by Wawi Navarroza. For this project, the artist invited urban and peri-urban dwellers of Metro Manila to forage plants and soil from meaningful and monumental—as well as unexpected and in-between—locations in the city. Collected samples were cataloged, assembled within glass terrariums, and photographed by the artist. This communal project built an abstract city map from a psychogeographical sample set of ninety-nine corners of Metropolitan Manila (and one peripheral place). More than just a collection of aesthetic images, the book also presents a quasi-academic effort to comprehend urban landscapes through scientific methodology and the prism of subjective experience.

About the Artist
Wawi Navarroza is a Filipino contemporary artist known for her works in photography, actively exhibiting in galleries and museums in the Philippines and internationally. Her images explore Self and Surrounding as seen in her works in contemporary landscape, constructed tableaus and self-portraits. Informed by tropicality within the dynamics of post-colonial dialogue, globalization, and the artist as transnational, her works transmute personal experience to the symbolic while probing materials and studio practice; all perhaps to mirror a path to understanding a deeper sense of place & identity. She resides in Istanbul.

About the Publisher
Hardworking, Goodlooking is a publishing and graphic design house founded in 2013. HWGL generates, prints, and disseminates cultural publications (most of the time) out of the Philippines. HWGL is interested in decolonization of cultural labor, parlance in the vernacular, and the value of what has been invisible.

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