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Photobook Belge: 1854 – Now
Tamara Berghmans

Photobook Belge: 1854 – Now, Tamara Berghmans

Photobook Belge: 1854 – Now, Tamara BerghmansPhotobook Belge: 1854 – Now
Tamara Berghmans

Texts by Steven F. Joseph, Pool Andries, Sandrine Colard, Jan Baetens, Emmanuel d’Autreppe, Johan De Vos, Johan Pas and Stefan Vanthuyne.


352 pages
292 x 245 mm
ISBN 978949267788


Since the birth of photography, the photobook has always been an essential medium for photographers wanting to display and distribute their work. But the photobook is more than just a display case: it’s a means of expression, an art object, a historical record, a propaganda tool, a multisensory experience.

Photobook Belge: 1854 – Now is the first ever overview of photobooks created by Belgian photographers. Covering a period of more than 150 years, from the mid 19th century to the present, it features almost 250 photobooks, all carefully described and illustrated. It’s the first time that research into the production and context of Belgian photobooks has been carried out on this scale. In so doing, it sheds light on a hitherto neglected part of Belgium’s long and fascinating photo history.

About the Artist
Tamara Berghmans is a researcher, curator and art historian at FOMU Fotomuseum Antwerpen. She also lectures at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

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