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Performance Review
Endia Beal

Performance Review Endia Beal

Performance Review, Endia BealPerformance Review
Endia Beal
Minor Matters

Text by Whitney Richardson.


176 pages
250 × 310 mm
ISBN 9781732124172


Performance Review, the first monograph by North Carolina-based artist, educator and activist Endia Beal, brings together work from first-hand experiences that highlight the realities and challenges for women of colour in the corporate workplace. Beal’s widely-published videos and photographic series, including “Am I What You’re Looking For?”  “Office Scene,” “Can I Touch It?” and “9 to 5” are presented in a book sequence that highlights the ambitions, challenges and negotiations that women of colour navigate within the workplace.

Beal’s signature directness and visual intelligence engages viewers of varying generations and backgrounds in dialogues that accept there is much to question as we push forward during the social evolutions of our time. The book includes a foreword by Beal’s contemporary and colleague Whitney Richardson, Global Events Manager for The New York Times in London, and contributions by journalists David Walker, Priscilla Frank, and Becky Harlan, who have all written about Beal’s work for national publications.


About the Artist
Endia Beal (b. 1985) is a North Carolina based artist, curator and author whose work features themes of social justice.

About the Publisher
Founded in 2013, Minor Matters is a collaborative publishing platform, making books through the engagement of our international audience. We highlight underrepresented voices in contemporary art, and preserve our present for the future through publishing their work. At Minor Matters, we recognize that significant art and ideas may stay on the fringes without the support of a community. Like us. With you. Everyone who buys our books in pre-sales is listed as a co-publisher—we’re making books together.

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