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Paris Goutte d’Or
Elena Perlino

Feel Me, I'm Here With You, Jordan Hearns

Art Isn't Fair: Further Essays on the Traffic in Photographs and Related MediaParis Goutte d’Or
Elena Perlino
Loco Editions


204 Pages
118 x 170 mm
ISBN 9782919507917


The Goutte d’Or is one of the vibrant districts in Paris, a small area of some 30,000 residents characterized by a multiethnic mix. Perlino got to experience and share the day-to-day existence of the inhabitants of the Goutte d’Or, as close to them as possible – in the public sphere but in the private one as well. From home to mosque, from hidden corners to small businesses of every stripe, from weddings to large-scale religious gatherings. She’s turned out a remarkable document after the more than five years of her immersion.

About the Artist
Elena Perlino (b. 1972) is an Italian photographer based in Paris. Her work focused on migrations, human trafficking and gender issues.

About the Publisher
Éditions Loco is a publishing house based in Paris, France, specializing in contemporary art, design, architecture and photography.

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