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Order And Collapse: The Lives of Archives
Various Artists

Order and Collapse

Order and CollapseOrder And Collapse: The Lives of Archives
Edited by Gunilla Knape, Niclas Östlind, Sandra Praun and Jonas Bard
Art and Theory Publishing

Contributing Artists Adam Broomberg, Oliver Chanarin, Leslie Squyres, Jessica Bushey, Tyrone Martinsson, Paula Roush, and Peter Piller.


191 Pages
240 x 220 mm
ISBN 9789188031020


The normative order and authoritarian use of conventional archives has long been criticised. This publication investigates the digitally informed transformation and multiplication of archives today, in conjunction with the increase in both accessibility and the amount of data produced, stored, and circulated. Despite improved search capabilities, documents, photographs and other images are in danger of vanishing. Yet new knowledge, connotations and materialities are also emerging. Through various texts and artworks, a selection of contemporary artistic- and research-based approaches is represented in the book: approaches to existing archives, to the act of collecting images, and to the creation new archives.

About the Publisher 
Art and Theory Publishing is dedicated to publishing books with artists, writers, curators, cultural institutions, architects, designers, photographers and fashion designers. They also publish artist’s monographs, special editions and ephemera. The imprint Art and Theory Pocket is for text-based publications, titles share an overarching design, and include artist’s writing, criticism and theory. Art and Theory Publishing is based in Stockholm, and was established in 2012 by Anna Eriksson. Since 2019 its director is artist Anna Kleberg Tham.

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