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Northern Ireland: August 1985
Charles Traub

Northern Ireland: August 1985, Charles Traub

Northern Ireland: August 1985,
Charles TraubNorthern Ireland: August 1985
Charles Traub
Café Royal Books


First Edition
36 pages
140 x 200 mm
ISSN 27525619


Northern Ireland: August 1985 is a photozine by American photographer Charles Traub depicting Belfast during The Troubles. This depiction, in colour photography, focuses on the prevailing youth and hope of children against a backdrop of despair and conflict.

About the Artist
Charles Traub is an American photographer and educator, known for his ironic real world witness color photography. He was chair of the photography department at Columbia College Chicago, where he established its Museum of Contemporary Photography in 1976, and became a director of New York’s Light Gallery in 1977.

About the Publisher
Café Royal Books (founded 2005) is an independent publisher based in Southport, England. Originally set up as a way to disseminate art, in multiple, affordably, quickly, and internationally while not relying on ‘the gallery’. Café Royal Books publishes artist’s books and zines as well as a weekly series of photobook/zines. The photographic publications are part of a long ongoing series, generally working with photographers and their archives, to publish work, which usually falls into 1970–2000 UK documentary / reportage.