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No Magic in Riso
Various Artists

No Magic in Riso

No Magic in RisoNo Magic in Riso


Edition of 1500
360 pages includes 10 sheets of tritone colour chart
165 x 230 mm
ISBN 9789869758805

It took 850 days, 74 tubes of soy ink, 15 colors, 660 masters, 690,000 sheets of paper, 3 fans, 2 riso printers, and 4 people to complete a book – a 360 page book that only talks about 1 thing. The thing that is always the most fascinating is “Process”. The processes and experiences that did not have the chance to appear in the pages of this book can only be quantified, converted, and recorded into words.

No Magic in Riso is the result of 2 years of image separation studies and experiments, and is the second book published by O.OO, continuing the spirit and purpose of <Imperfection Booklets> published 3 years ago. Instead of using wordy descriptions, we hope that readers can feel the wonders of Risograph printing through the details of the design in the book. Whether you are a designer, an artist, or an illustrator, anyone interested in color can use this book to enter the field with ease.

The methods discussed in this book are not the one and only, and are not absolute. Everyone’s way of experimenting is different, and this book just offers our experience as a tool. Without the participation of people, the technology is plain and void of charm. Thus, the title No Magic in Riso.

About the Publisher
Taipei-based design studio O.OO is formed by two graphic designers. They are dedicated to create designs that are more experimental with the use of Risograph printing technology. The Risograph printing technology has become one of their significant characteristics. In addition to graphic design and Risograph printing, O.OO will create new works and projects from time to time to influence and inspire the design circle in the near future.