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Nachts, Wenn Der Tag Dich Erzählt
Michael Arenz and Hansgert Lambers

Nachts, Wenn Der Tag Dich Erzählt

Nachts, Wenn Der Tag Dich ErzähltNachts, Wenn Der Tag Dich Erzählt
Michael Arenz and Hansgert Lambers
ex pose verlag

Edition 224 of 365
30 pages
175 x 220 mm
ISBN 9783925935664


“Seldom has the combination of image and text been so successful… one could summarize the conjunction ‘and’ between image and text in three different properties: additive, because text and image complement each other to form a whole, explicative, because text and image combine mutually explain and comment, adversatively, because sometimes that tension-producing contrast between text and image is generated, which characterizes all good art and without which it cannot be.” (Gerhard Köpf)

Edition365 stands for new series of books, self-financed by the artists. All are of the same size and appearance, 32 pages and a print run of 365 numbered copies. The edition is meant to provide photographers and other artists with a place for smaller work, for work-in-progress, to function as an exhibition catalogue or simply as a give-away.

About the Artist
The Berlin photographer Hansgert Lambers, born in 1937, is a graduate engineer by training, since 1951 he began taking photographs parallel to his professional activity. Due to his numerous activities in photography, he has made a name for himself, especially in the last 30 years; among other things, he has been a publisher of photo books since 1986. In his ‘ex pose publishing house’ he dedicates himself primarily to contemporary auteur photography with a focus on Eastern Europe. The conception of photography is broad and ranges from classic reportage to conceptual works to the fringes of the medium.

No information available on Michael Arenz.

About the Publisher
ex pose verlag was established in Westberlin in 1986. They publish contemporary photographic work  especially focused on Eastern Europe.

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