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Meine Schweizer Kühe (My Swiss Cows/Mes Vaches Suisses)
Andreas C. Studer

Meine Schweizer Kühe (My Swiss Cows:Mes Vaches Suisses) Andreas C. Studer

Meine Schweizer Kühe (My Swiss Cows:Mes Vaches Suisses) Andreas C. StuderMeine Schweizer Kühe (My Swiss Cows/Mes Vaches Suisses)
Andreas C. Studer
English, German, French

Recipes by Andreas C. Studer.


Hardcover with accompanying pamphlet of recipes (210 x 280 mm, 10 pages).
160 Pages
285 x 300 mm
ISBN 9783716517284


This photobook is the outcome of photography by TV chef turned photographer Andreas C. Studer, one of the most popular TV chefs in the German-speaking world. His fans refer to him affectionately as “Studi”. A love for cooking was given to Studer practically in the cradle, as his mother was also a chef. And while he usually delights his audience with his culinary finesse, this book showcases his other passion – photography. Growing up in Switzerland, Swiss cows range among his favourite motifs. He has photographed cows in the barn, on lush green pastures, in the high mountains, at cattle fairs and during the Alpine migrations – far away from the bustle of his jetset life. In the process he discovered many beautiful unknown locations in Switzerland. Studer says he also learned a lot from Swiss cows, for example, how to be more relaxed. A book about idyllic country life and how good it is to be a Swiss cow. These beautiful pictures come with exclusive milk- and cheese recipes.
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About the Artist
Andreas C. Studer (b. 1966, Interlaken) is a Swiss chef. His love of cooking began at a very young age as his mother was also a chef. He grew up in Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland, where he began his own career as a chef. He later worked in first-class hotels in Zurich, before graduating from the Hotelfachschule Thun (Thun Academy of Hotel Management). In 1997 he began his career as a television chef for the highly successful program Kochduell on Vox. Considered one of the most popular German-language television chefs, for the past ten years he has been seen on Swiss television in the prime-time cooking show Al dente. He now cooks for the successful Lanz Kocht as well as for Küchenschlacht on ZDF. Studer has published seven cook books. In this book he presents his hobby of photography as well as his love for cows and for his native country for the very first time.
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About the Publisher
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