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Meat Love: An Ideology of the Flesh
Amber Husain

Meat Love: An Ideology of the Flesh, Amber Husain

Meat Love: An Ideology of the Flesh, Amber HusainMeat Love: An Ideology of the Flesh
Amber Husain
MACK Books


112 pages
125 x 195 mm
ISBN 9781915743039


In an era of climate catastrophe and corporate agribusiness, meat has been decisively made over. Urbanites across the West are called upon to look at the animals we eat, and by looking, learn to treat them with love. We are asked to tenderise our carnal desire for flesh and dignify our relationship with the land. Yet can our appetite for meat be redeemed by this new way of seeing? Can an ‘ethical’ approach to the farming, sale, and consumption of meat really save both the planet and our souls?

In Meat Love, Amber Husain deconstructs the beauty, tragedy, and mystery with which our images of meat are embellished, drawing on a range of visual sources from contemporary art and film to Instagram and advertising. Probing the nature of ‘love’ in contemporary human-animal relations, this illustrated essay casts a materialist’s critical eye on the visual culture of meat as it gentrifies and mutates, informing, for better or for worse, our political imaginations.

About the Author
Amber Husain is a writer based in South London, UK. She is the author of Meat Love (Mack, 2023) and Replace Me (Peninsula Press, 2021). Her essays on politics, literature and art have been published in Granta, the LRBNew Left ReviewThe White ReviewBafflerThe BelieverLA Review of Books and New York Times Magazine. Her books have been featured or reviewed in the national and international press, including The Guardianla Repubblica and ABC Australia. Events include readings and discussions at the London Review Bookshop, the ICA London, and Edinburgh International Book Festival. She is currently completing a PhD at UCL on art and mind-body medicine in early neoliberal Britain. She teaches history of art, creative writing and criticism.

About the Publisher
MACK Books are an art and photography publishing house based in London, working with established and emerging artists, writers and curators, and cultural institutions.