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Master And Everyone
André Príncipe

Master and Everyone, André Príncipe

Master and Everyone, André Príncipe

Master And Everyone
André Príncipe
Pierre von Kleist Editions


Edition 290 of 200
48 pages
235 × 340 mm
ISBN 9789729982545


A sequence of photographs – mostly portraits – shot in medium format, reflecting on photography’s right distance to its subjects and the master – student relationship. This is the first book of a trilogy including two other titles: I Thought You Knew Where All Of The Elephants Lie Down and O Perfume do Boi. These books were designed like classical music scores.

About the Artist
André Principe (b. 1976) is a Portuguese photographer, filmmaker and the founder with Jose Pedro Cortes of the Lisbon based independent publishing house Pierre von Kleist editions. Lives and works in Lisbon.

About the Publisher
Pierre von Kleist editions is an artist run publishing house. They are committed to the production of new, innovative photo books and we believe the photo book to be a medium capable of expressing complex, abstract, contemporary issues and to reach a wide audience. They are interested in artistic achievements and in the specific qualities that the medium offers. We want to make books that deal with the contemporary way of living. The photo book is a complex art form that combines photography, graphic design, cinema, literature, etc. Our goal is to push the limits and conventions of the photo book, contributing to establish it as a respected, mature medium. Pierre von Kleist editions is run by André Príncipe and José Pedro Cortes.

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