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Lukas Wassman
Lukas Wassman

Lukas Wassman

Lukas WassmanLukas Wassman
Lukas Wassman



Edition of 400
64 pages
330 x 480 mm
ISBN 990556288


Analog photographed in the last ten years and never published before. The remarkable and truly unique Wassmann-Style is sharp like a Japanese battle axe and powerful like a Brancusi, full of poetry and artistic sensibility – images you’ve never seen before, images you will never forget.

About the Artist
Lukas Wassmann is a photographer based in Switzerland, who started his professional career as a carpenter, and later studied photography in Zurich and Berlin. Lukas received grants to study at the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles in 2009, and in 2013 he won the Swiss Federal Design Award, among others. His practice addresses nature and the intimacy of being, looking at individual and social rituals through projects spanning from photography series, portraits, sculpture, woodcraft and carpentry.

About the Publisher
Simonett Publishers was an art book publisher based in Zurich. 

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