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Lines Magazine Vol 2: The Black President
Kudzanai Chiurai

Lines Magazine Vol 2: The Black President
Kudzanai Chiurai
Goodman Gallery


320 x 240 mm
74 pages
ISBN 9780986974939


The second edition of Lines magazine, a publication by the Goodman Gallery and Kudzanai Chiurai. Softcover.


About the Artist
Kudzanai Chiurai (b. 1981, Zimbabwe) was born one year after Zimbabwe’s emergence from white-ruled Rhodesia. Chiurai incorporates various media into his practice, which is largely focused around cycles of political, economic and social strife present in post-colonial societies. Chiurai’s artwork confronts viewers with the psychological and physical experience of African metropolises. From large mixed media works and paintings to photography and video, Chiurai tackles some of the most pressing issues facing these environments, such as xenophobia, displacement and inequality.

About the Publisher
Goodman Gallery is an international contemporary art gallery with locations in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London. The gallery represents artists whose work confronts entrenched power structures and inspires social change.

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