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Leaving One for Another
Olgaç Bozalp

Leaving One for Another, Olgaç Bozalp

Leaving One for Another,
Olgaç BozalpLeaving One for Another
Olgaç Bozalp
Void Books


Softcover (Signed)
First Edition of 750
88 pages
240 x 294 mm
ISBN 9786185479237


Leaving One for Another by Olgaç Bozalp combines documentary with stylised constructed imagery to explore both the journeys and disparate causes of migration. Drawing on his own experience of migration, Bozalp’s work tells the more universal story of human movement through often playful and absurd images which are heavy with symbolism.

In the book, documentary photographs taken on Bozalp’s travels are interspersed and contrasted with staged interventions created in collaboration with art director Raphael Hirsch. Some of the constructed imagery depicts figures in the landscape, all faceless with their identities hidden. Other imagery depicts sculptural installations incorporating significant objects from migrants’ lives and journeys—family photographs, life vests and bags of possessions. The theme of transport runs through the work—precariously loaded motorcycles, rafts, cars—illustrating how lives are physically carried through the passage to a new life.

The documentary element in the project is inspired by Bozalp’s observations, travels and personal stories. He has visited nearly fifty countries, focusing on those with complex histories in the Middle East, Asia and his home country Turkey. The images collectively form a visual essay to represent a universal story of migration whether it be through forced displacement, through conflict or gentrification, or simply the pursuit of new financial opportunities for freedom of expression.

About the Artist
Olgaç Bozalp was born in Turkey and currently lives in London. A multidisciplinary artist, he works with photography, film, installations, and art direction—a recurring theme in his work is the exploration of cultural identity. Olgaç was selected Foam’s 2022 Talent. In 2019 he was selected as “Ones to Watch” by the British Journal of Photography. Bozalp has exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery (UK), Aperture Gallery (US), Sharjah Art Foundation (UAE), Unseen (Netherlands) and Odunpazari Modern Museum (Turkey), amongst others.

About the Publisher
Void is an independent publishing house dedicated to photography books and education. The project is driven by its founders Myrto Steirou and João Linneu. You might bump into Myrto, Void’s editor, at a book fair or festival in a far flung part of the globe, but you’ll usually find her in Greece, at their store in Athens. João, Void’s designer, is based in Reykjavík… it’s entirely possible that you may not meet him (in person at least). Void works with both established and up-and-coming artists, proudly fostering photographers’ debut books.

Void has collaborated with many international art institutions since we started, back in October 2016. In 2021 Void became one of Futures Photography’s members. Void is devoted to and passionate about the projects they undertake. In their books, you will find powerful stories and innovative design, melded together with fine and experimental material.