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Know More
Norbert Bayer

Know More
Norbert Bayer


Softcover, Risograph
32 pages
185 x 237 mm
First edition, 300 copies


‘Know More’ is the name of an artist book by Norbert Bayer. Know What? No More? It reads like a Surrealist novel minus the text, which is to say it does not read like a novel exactly but like a mysterious fictionalisation of life, or like an unveiling of the wondrous qualities that life actually has — if you are able to access them. A series of photographs present an odd succession of images that compel one to string them together in a sort of rhyme: plant fronds, feathered metallic ground, the edge of nothingness, the edge of a cornice, a battered coffee table, the people at the party… plants in a window, plants in a market… a curtain curled up with its shadow, two bananas spooning, a pair of shoes with their tongues hanging out. From beginning to end, each image is framed in Masonic mystery by a diamond that seems to zero in on something. But on what? And why? It’s a game Bayer has played himself, and each viewer must play it in turn, uniquely. It will never end the same way twice.

About the Artist
Norbert Bayer was born in the 1970’s and raised in a small Franconian village. After his school leaving examination he attended the Werkbund Werkstatt Nürnberg and first studied Visual Arts in Kassel with cyan Berlin amongst others as his teachers. After that he studied Fine Art and was trained by Ursula Panhans-Bühler and Yariv Alter Fin.

About the Publisher
Ourpress publishing is a small print studio and publishing company that is run by artist, Arno Auer and is focused on Risograph and screen printing.

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