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Justice – Never Enough
Abigail O’Brien

Justice - Never Enough, Abigail O'Brien

Justice - Never Enough, Abigail O'BrienJustice – Never Enough
Abigail O’Brien
Highlanes Gallery

Text by Cristín Leach and Bernard Dunleavy.


64 pages
305 x 220 mm
ISBN 9780957294691


While artist Abigail O’Brien was in the UK taking photos of the iconic Aston Martin sports car, the #MeToo movement was revving up around the world. Prince Andrew was being interviewed on prime time television about his affiliation with the convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, while, in New York, Harvey Weinstein sat in the witness box as the women he had sexually abused gave their testimonies. O’Brien has entitled this photobook  Justice – Never Enough, the final part of a 15 year project using the four Cardinal Virtues – Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude and Justice – to explore and investigate issues of gender. The Aston Martin, a symbol around which much of the exhibition is centred, has long been associated with the character of James Bond, and, as such, represents a particular kind of flamboyant male power. Bond’s machismo and outdated misogynistic attitudes, however, are no longer celebrated in the way that they once were, and it is within this evolution that much of the work lives.

About the Artist
Abigail O’Brien, PHRA, is a contemporary Irish artist and the first female president of the Royal Hibernian Academy since its establishment in 1823. O’Brien’s work explores themes such as ritual and rites of passage, and the domestic realm. Her work employs many media including Photography, Sculpture, Video, Sound and hand-made embroidered objects.

About the Publisher
Highlanes Gallery is a public art gallery and visual arts exhibition centre in Drogheda, Ireland.The gallery opened its doors on October 4, 2006 and was the culmination of many years planning to deliver a dedicated visual arts space for the Irish north east region, of an International standard in terms of design, management and environmental control.