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The Douglas Hyde Gallery

Hardback with cloth spine
44 pages
140 x 215 mm
ISBN 97819055397129



Published on the occasion of the Jandek exhibition (June 6 – July 24, 2008) and performance (June 13, 2008) at the Douglas Hyde Gallery. Includes texts, The Rocks Crumble, by John Hutchinson, The Hunger Artist, Jandek in Performance, by Lars Iyer, and complete Jandek album covers from 1978 – 2008.


About the Artist
Jandek is an American lo-fi music project centered around Sterling Smith, though the pseudonym is often used to refer to Smith directly in the context of this work. Their output is distributed by Corwood Industries, a Houston, Texas record label which is also operated by Smith.


About the Publisher
The Douglas Hyde Gallery was founded in 1978 by Trinity College and the Arts Council of Ireland. The Gallery is also known for its publications, which are sold and distributed worldwide. Exhibition catalogues are usually published in a consistent house style, and there are over sixty titles in the current series.

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