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eikon 2008

Issue 61
Various Artists
English and German


96 pages
210 x 280mm
ISSN 10241922
ISBN  9783902250360


Issue 61 of EIKON features artists Jordi Bernadó, Inge Dick, Dick Duyves, Bernhard Hetzenauer, Michael HöpfnerUrsula Mayer and Rodney Place
(source:table of contents)

About the Magazine

The bilingual magazine EIKON is thematically divided into two parts:

The first part, under the category “Portfolio,” serves as a forum for artists. It places special focus on the presentation and promotion of young artists from the fields of photography, media art, and other interdisciplinary art. Another constant in the “Portfolio” is the introduction of new artistic approaches of established artists. A major feature of the magazine is its close collaboration with the presented artists. A guiding principle for EIKON has always been to present Austrian artists at regular intervals to increase their international presence.

The second, monochrome part of the magazine comprises, on the one hand, the main topic of the respective issue in the section “In Focus” (introduced in 2014), each time proposed and curated by a group of international experts, providing a broad platform for current topics in the arts and in cultural policy.

On the other hand, the section “Forum” introduces readers to interesting institutions, collections, galleries, (artist) groups, or otherwise notable personalities in the form of portraits, interviews, or the like. Various book reviews, and exhibition reviews as well as information about grants, prizes, and events round out the magazine.

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