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Issue 19
FUKT Magazine

FUKT Magazine Issue 19

FUKT Magazine
Issue 19FUKT Magazine
Issue 19


232 pages
170 x 230 mm
ISBN 9783982009834


This issue of FUKT Magazine was created during the COVID-19 pandemic looks at the art of narration in drawing. Inside, you can expect to see a myriad of illuminating stories unfold both through drawings and interviews. Contributions from established artists Chris Ware, Toyin Ojih Odutola and Brian Rea as well as emerging artists Maria Paz and Xiyu Tomorrow among others make up this issue.

Speaking of the current issue, Fukt’s founder Björn Hegardt says: “In times of global threats — from the pandemic to climate change, senseless politics, and periods confined to our homes — we may long for stories more than ever. Stories that let us see the world through the eyes of others and help us to make sense of it all, allowing us to remember and to imagine, to understand the unfamiliar, the strange and unknown.”

The storyline has been interrogated in a number of ways throughout the edition, taking the reader on a journey from the mythical, to the sequential and the storyboard. For Hegardt, the thread that unites all of the featured artists is that “above all, they are people who create drawings with beautiful, surprising, funny or sad stories. Like always in our magazine, everything revolves around our beloved practice of drawing.”

About the Magazine
FUKT is a magazine for contemporary drawing. It comes without ads, beautifully designed with a focus on the visual, alongside occasional interviews with interesting artists and essays. Established in 1990 in Norway, it is now based in Berlin.