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Issue 003: The Hallowe’en Issue

Issue 003: The Hallowe'en Issue PUNC Zine

Issue 003: The Hallowe'en Issue
PUNC ZineIssue 003: The Hallowe’en Issue
English, Irish

Created by DJ Mal.


16 pages
150 x 210 mm
ISSN Not Available


Issue 003 of PUNC Zine includes features on Irish horror films by contributing writer Fianna, a report on the Australian punk scene and an interview with Australian punk band The Lonesomes.

Featured in PUNC Zine Issue 3: Irish horror films, Australian scene report and an interview with The Lonesomes.

About the Zine
With the aim of raising the profile of Irish punk music, the mysterious DJ MAL set out to start an Irish punk digital radio show on Belfield FM. It would be called PUNC, because that was the word for punk music as gaeilge, and because there was no good term for punk music from Ireland.

Along the way, she learned that there are more important things in life than punk rock (which is at the end of the day a form of pop music), and that selling records is not a form of political resistance. Nonetheless, she still thinks this show can provide something of worth, so she will keep the show going! The paper equivalent of this radio show is a zine about punk music.

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