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HYBRIDS: Forging New Realities as Counter-Narrative
Various Artists

HYBRIDS- Forging New Realities as Counter-Narrative

HYBRIDS- Forging New Realities as Counter-NarrativeHYBRIDS: Forging New Realities as Counter-Narrative
Futures Photography

Contributing artists by Morehshin Allahyari, Valentina Tanni, Max Pinckers, Tj Demos, Hoda Afshar, Alan Butler, Jean-Vincent Simonet and Nina Mangalanayagam.


Softcover with plastic sleeve\
3 Brown, 2 Green Copies. (Varying Covers)
150 pages
200 x 270 mm
ISBN 9789090355993


Hybrids bring together the work of the photographers who were selected following the call for the Futures Photography exhibition which promotes the mobility and visibility of up-and-coming photographers.

After a year of ups and downs and uncertainties, today’s reality is anything but balanced. Waves of counter-narratives continue to flourish and subvert our knowledge base, altering all the parameters that used to define our sense of self and belonging. In Europe, although new generations are trying to foster a new cultural literacy, whether they are able to define a direction in such a disorderly environment, no easy task, remains to be seen. Within this climate of hybrid experimentation, we are witnessing how new realities are being forged every day. What new ways of making, narrating and understanding are here to stay, and what can we do with the horizon that lies ahead?

These artists explore these questions. All eleven of them were selected through an open call among the authors who are part of the Futures Photography platform which was created in 2018. PHotoESPAÑA selected Carlos Alba who takes his place alongside the other authors selected by the other European institutions that participate in this project.

A hybrid event that investigates the impact of technology on humanity and the natural world through different media, in dialogue with photography.

About the Collective
Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, Futures is a Europe-based photography platform bringing together the global photography community to support and nurture the professional development of emerging artists across the world. Since 2017, it aims to add long-term value in empowering early and mid-career photographers – launching initiatives to promote their work and granting them access to an unprecedented network of professionals, markets and audiences.

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