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How much left for landing?
Maria SIorba

How much left for landing? Maria Siorba

How much left for landing? Maria SiorbaHow much left for landing?
Maria Siorba


112 pages
130 x 187 mm 
ISBN Not Available


‘How much left for landing?’ is a self-published dummy book, recently printed in a limited edition of 20 copies. Created with the development support & workshops of Zoetrope Athens. Sometimes space represents a communication platform where our own messages play the role of bridges that hope to connect different places, worlds, people. Where does the sound of a restless spirit go? What are the shapes in which our hidden desires appear out in the world and how do they determine our path? Is the wild beating of a heart enough for the universe to listen? There has been a special opportunity to reflect on these questions, recently, living through a period of extended isolation and within a reality where almost nothing seemed to occur. At quiet times, it is possible that our internal activity seems to us, or is indeed, remarkably intense and furious, due to its difficulty to reach a destination in regular rhythms, while the impact of this concealed motion is hard to be seen and normally absorbed by the physical and social environment. It feels as if we are both the senders and the receivers of our own signals and the only, highly subjective readers of our emotions. Gathering these thoughts, my mind was lead towards a broader matter of how could we deeply touch one another through forms of art, be heard and understood on a higher level and what could be the best practice to achieve it with. How can we share and portray emotions accurately, so they can be equally felt by others, considering all the different personalities and moods out there? Is it possible at all? This book is a collection of images that carry the sense of a soul in excessive tension that strives to communicate in times of great stillness, presented through a bizarre relationship that is established between the spiritual realm and the dimension of the phenomenal world.

About the Artist
Maria Siorba, is a visual artist based in Athens, Greece, with an educational background in Communication, Graphic design and Fine Arts. Her work, driven by an existential and psychological approach, reflects on how we communicate and gets inspired by the difficulties humans encounter in expressing themselves, especially under intense emotions such as love and fear. Through photography, she observes the subjective ways and filters through which each person sees and translates the world, the role that their personality, feelings, mental state & cultural background play and how all these function with the use of the constantly-evolving, technological tools of communication. Alongside the focus on her personal projects, she works as a free-lance photographer and retoucher.

About the Publisher
Zoetrope is an artist-run space aiming to explore, nurture and support artistic practice. Participatory and collaborative artistic practices with a special focus in photography, artists’ books and film. Zoetrope wishes to catalyse the creation of intimate and inclusive creative communities. Zoetrope is inhabited by images, machines, plants, prints, books, projects and ideas. Zoetrope is an ongoing experiment.