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Tomoyuki Sakaguchi (坂口トモユキ)

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Tomoyuki Sakaguchi (坂口トモユキ)


84 pages
310 x 225 mm
ISBN 9784904120002


On overnight bike explorations of the Tokyo suburb of Tama where he lives, photographer Tomoyuki Sakaguchi creates a waking dream. Making long exposures with his digital camera, Sakaguchi transforms the tidiness of suburbia into a colourful dreamscape where cars seem to be the only inhabitants, and even they are asleep. Tama is the location of Japan’s largest planned residential development, opened in 1971 on the heels of the Japanese post-war economic boom. In contemporary art and literature such planned communities often come to represent the notion of the soulless uniformity of the commuting class. Sakaguchi’s Tama is a more nuanced place, a place of beauty and magic and even whimsy. Still, there is an eerie evocation of surveillance inherent in these nocturnal images, made while Tama’s residents sleep unaware, which reminds us that any sense of privacy, individuality or autonomy we have in modern culture may well be illusory.

About the Artist
Tomoyuki Sakaguchi (坂口トモユキ) (b. 1969, Kagawa) is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo. He has won the Society of Photography Award (2008), Japan, and was included in Martin Parr’s Best Books of the Decade published by PhotoIreland in 2011. He is a lecturer of Digital Photography class in Musashino Art University and Nippon Institute Photography.

About the Publisher
Sokyusha, founded in 1986 by Michitaka Ota, is a publishing house and shop specialising in photobooks. In addition to books by established photographers such as Daido Moriyama, Michio Yamauchi, Masahisa Fukase and Miyako Ishiuchi, Sokyusha also publishes a consistent lineup of work by young photographers and newcomers. A gallery forms part of the Sokyusha book shop, which is based in Tokyo.

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