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Sander van Wettum

Hibernation, Sander van Wettum

Sander van WettumHibernation
Sander van Wettum
The Eriskay Connection


Edition of 750
96 pages
167 × 316 mm
ISBN 9789492051677


Hibernation is a well known phenomenon in the natural world: a seasonal state of minimal activity, as an adaptation to winter conditions. But also man-made places can enter this dormant state between dream and reality.

Since World War II, the construction of mass tourist locations has been unceasing. Within just half a century, the sun drenched coastlines of Southern Europe were transformed into a global tourist destination. The resulting agglomeration of overdeveloped beach towns no longer show any recognisable relationship with their surroundings, country and history. During the winter, these towns go into hibernation. Tourists disappear, hotels, bars and restaurants close up.

Hibernation is an exploration into the off-season state of these places. A journey along surreal architecture, spaces and atmospheres, photographed at moments when their intentional context of use has dissolved and new realities appear. Sander van Wettum’s (NL) photographs invite the viewer to project their own narratives, memories and dreams upon the ambiguous scenery presented, while at the same time showing the harsh and absolute consequences of mass tourism.

Including a fact-fiction story by David Richardson, a British journalist specialised in the travel industry.

About the Artist
Sander van Wettum (b. 1987) is a Dutch artist. His work deals with the experience of abstraction and alienation in the everyday built environment. He seeks out urban places that seem to withdraw from their surroundings, with no apparent relationship to their environment or history. He is interested in the moment when the intended use context disappears, giving rise to an absurd new reality. Office parks after hours, new housing developments without inhabitants, or desolate beach resorts in winter: these island-like (non)places generate numerous paradoxical tensions. They are constructed environments that hold a certain optimistic promise, while they can also be seen as failed and depressing.

About the Publisher
The Eriskay Connection is a Dutch studio for book design and an independent publisher. They focus on contemporary storytelling at the intersection of photography, research and writing.