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Hanoi Calling: One Thousand Years Now
Greg Girard

Hanoi Calling: One Thousand Years Now
Greg Girard
Thames & Hudson


129 Pages
255 x 255 mm
ISBN 9781926856018



In October 2010 Vietnam’s vibrant capitol Hanoi will celebrate its millennium anniversary. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Greg Girard was invited to capture the spirit of daily life and the architectural heritage of this unique and complex city. Hanoi Calling: One Thousand Years Now takes us through the city’s streets and alleys, onto its rooftops and balconies, and into the shops and homes of Hanoi’s residents on the eve of the Millennium. Eschewing the city’s better-known landmarks, Girard instead explores the usually overlooked features that define daily life for residents, taking us into a private and intimate version of the everyday.


About the Artist
Greg Girard is a Canadian photographer who has spent much of his career in Asia. His work examines the social and physical transformations taking place throughout the region. He is represented by Monte Clark Gallery (Vancouver).


About the Publisher
Thames & Hudson is a publisher of illustrated books on art, architecture, design, and visual culture.

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