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GUP °71 / Fresh Eyes
Journal 01


GUPGUP °71 Fresh Eye Journal 01

Directors Roy Kahmann and Linda Zhengová.

Contributing Artists: Campbell Addy, Marcus Schaefe, Gabrielle DuplantierJonny KayeLara Gasparotto, Sara Punt, Colette de KinderenGiacomo BiancoJade JoannèsKincső Bede, and Xenia Petrovska.

176 pages
165 x 225 mm
ISBN 977999999901562


How to force your way through a raging tide that tries to sweep you over? It is an energy that is out of control: you either have to accept or resist.

Already since 2005, we have tried to bring you the latest news about the developments taking place in contemporary photography, and we have had great pleasure in doing so. We thought that after so many years of experience, we would be prepared to continue doing what we love and sharing our findings with you for many years to come.

However, as the world turned upside down in the past two years, we have had to face many sudden difficulties, ranging from the pandemic, paper shortage to distributor bankruptcy. We felt there would be no way out… We were at a point when we thought that GUP wouldn’t survive and for that reason, we have had to make important and risky decisions to save it.

We took the situation as a turning point to re-new GUP and try something different – merge it with our talent platform FRESH EYES. This re-designed double-sided issue is meant to show the full scale of the photography scene now, featuring both established photographers and emerging talents in one. For this change, we also decided to improve the design of the magazine, make it larger, and printed it on higher quality paper to highlight the beauty of the photographs we publish.

We presented you GUP 71 in a dummy version via the Voordekunst platform, where we placed all our hopes. We simply left the future of GUP in your hands and you decided to save it. Thanks to you, our campaign was successful and for that we are incredibly grateful. Both as individuals and as a collective, you have ignited a spark that designates the new direction of the magazine. This fresh wave of motivation and responsibility towards both our readers and artists has just emerged and we will make sure to deliver you the best magazine possible – more daring, yet engaged.

For this special issue, we chose the theme for GUP 71 to be Energy – the strength and vitality required to sustain a certain activity. Fuelled by this new stream of inspiration, we selected artists whose work is signified by the intensity, and with that, we hope to energize you too! Inside this bold issue, you can find beautiful portfolios of international artists such as Gabrielle DuplantierJonny KayeLara Gasparotto, and Sara Punt. To dive in-depth, you can get to know more about the creative processes of Campbell Addy and particularly his new monograph Feeling Seen or Marcus Schaefer’s upcoming exhibition in Amsterdam through our interviews. And last but not least, our five FRESH EYES talents for this issue are
Colette de KinderenGiacomo BiancoJade JoannèsKincső Bede, and Xenia Petrovska.

About the Journal
GUP Magazine is an international authoritative publication on photography, connecting its communities with the sharpest conceptual photography, the latest photo books, and compelling writings about the contemporary world of photography. GUP publishes four premium print issues a year, delivers daily online content, and produces self-initiated book publications.

About the Directors
Roy Kahmann (the Netherlands) – collector, curator, designer, gallerist and publisher | before joining the world of photography, worked as a designer and art director for design and advertising agencies,a person behind such publications as GUP MagazineGUP New and GUP Fresh Eyes, presenting what is interesting in the contemporary photography and who to follow among the Dutch and European emerging photographers, respectively runs Kahmann Gallery (since 2005) and organises Haute Photographie, a boutique photography fair with the allure of a museum | his and his wife Lindy private collection of photographs consists of over 10,000 works.

Linda Zhengová (b. 1995) is a photographer from the Czech Republic currently living and working in The Netherlands. Earlier this year, Zhengová graduated from a Photography BA at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In the graduation series ‘Catharsis’, Zhengová explores the notion of her suppressed childhood trauma. The long-term project entails a photographic installation and a publication.

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