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Ghost Guessed
Tom Griggs and Paul Kwiatkowski

Ghost Guessed, Tom Griggs and Paul Kwiatkowski

Ghost Guessed, Tom Griggs and Paul KwiatkowskiGhost Guessed
Tom Griggs and Paul Kwiatkowski
English, Spanish


156 pages
620 x 215 mm
ISBN 9789585946798



On November 13, 2009, Andrew Lindberg, a young pilot, departed from the Twin Cities to meet his father for a hunting trip in northern Minnesota. He never arrived; a few days later, Lindberg’s plane was located deep within the wilderness of the White Earth Indian Reservation. In Ghost Guessed, Tom Griggs and Paul Kwiatkowski examine how absences caused by death make memories, no matter how abstract, more salient and complex. A combination of intimate prose and photographs brings into focus our human connections as filtered through technology and visual media. From Lindberg’s accident to the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Ghost Guessed reflects on how we process loss as it plays out in the ongoing digitalisation of our lives.

About the Artists
Tom Griggs is a photographer, writer, and professor at La Universidad de Antioquia in Mendellin Colombia. He is Founding Editor of the photography site Fototazo. His first book Herida y fuente, was published by Mesæstándar in 2017.

Paul Kwiatkowski is based in New York. His first book And Every Day Was Overcast was released by Black Balloon.

About the Publisher
Mesæstándar was established in 2014 by Miguel Mesa and Juan David Díez and is a photobook publishing house based in Medellin, Colombia.

Further Information
Visit the books website here.

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