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Genuinely Seeking

Genuinely Seeking Bloomers

Genuinely Seeking BloomersGenuinely Seeking

Edited by Rachel Botha.


50 pages
210 x 150 mm
ISBN 9781838438128


Genuinely Seeking is a compendium of visual art and writing that addresses our notion of time, and critically disturbs our attitude of it in work processes. It is aimed at embedding practices of support and interdependence, a meditation on alternative approaches to time and process, that will hopefully initiate a broader conversation. – Rachel Botha, Editor, Genuinely Seeking (Bloomers, 2022).

The title, Genuinely Seeking, is taken from Fiona Reilly’s work, “a series of 130 drawings made in snippets of time I stole for myself between nappy changes and naps. They were a way of thinking through the intensity of daily life as a new mother; the physical, mental and emotional labour of mothering as well as the social and political reality of my new role. With affordable childcare unattainable I did not qualify for a social welfare payment as, due to my full time care responsibilities, I was deemed not available for, capable of, or genuinely seeking work.”

Artists featured in this publication include Cara Farnan, Fiona Reilly, Bridget O’Gorman, Lily O’Shea and Radical Institute.

This publication was produced via Bloomers Emerging Editor Award (funded by the Arts Council of Ireland through Arts Grant funding), an opportunity devised to allow a practitioner in the early stages of their career to expand their practice by editing a printed publication with support from the Bloomers publishing team.

About the Editor
Rachel Botha is a curator, researcher and writer. Her expanded curatorial practice responds to the local context and investigates how people perceive their social framework. She believes that the responsibilities of a curator are twofold; a facilitator for the artist and a mediator for the viewing audience.

About the Publisher
Bloomers is an artist lead publishing collective and arts organisation based in Ireland. Founded in 2018, Bloomers initially produced two issues of Bloomers Magazine per year – before switching to producing one annual issue of the magazine and additional titles made in collaboration with artists and writers based in Ireland.

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