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Geflutete Kathedralen (Underwater Cathedrals)
Silvio Maraini

Geflutete Kathedralen, Underwater Cathedrals, Silvio Maraini

Geflutete Kathedralen, Underwater Cathedrals, Silvio MarainiGeflutete Kathedralen (Underwater Cathedrals)
Silvio Maraini
English and German

Text by Benedikt Loderer.

112 Pages
240 x 240 mm
ISBN 9783716517161


Swiss journalist and photographer Silvio Maraini documented empty underground water tanks – one of the most rarely visited places. These “underwater cathedrals” seem like empty temples being held up by majestic columns. Maraini took the chance to take these incredibly beautiful and powerful photos during the yearly clean up sessions. He had no idea what awaited him: some water tanks still had some water and others were filled with fog.
In his pictures the photographer Silvio Maraiani presents a space in an entirely different light. “A reservoir of water is also a container of patience – a piece of eternity is stored here. Later after the next ice age, archaeologists, will find this untouched burial chamber and ponder the rites that must have been celebrated here” – Benedikt Loderer in his foreword.

About the Artist 
Silvio Maraini is a photographer from Switzerland.

About the Publisher 
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