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Jan Adriaans

Garage, Jan Adriaans

Garage, Jan AdriaansGarage
Jan Adriaans
English, Dutch

Text by Andrew Mason


Hardback and DVD
32 pages
210 x 270 mm
ISBN 9789490119089


Garage shows work of Jan Adriaans which he made out of the fascination for the relation between the car and the garage. The publication also contains a DVD with an original videowork of Adriaans. The publication is printed in 5 different coloured covers, each of these colours are a translation of iconic car colours: Morello by Citroen (2008), Britisch Racing Green by Jaguar (1974), Cumbria Beige by Fiat (2008), Deep Sea Blue by BMW (2009) and Panther Black by Ford (1997).

About the Author
Netherlands-based artist Jan Adriaans‘ work is photography based, though his final pieces vary between video, ‘classic’ photographic works, and sculptures, within which he explores the relationship between materials, objects and space while testing the boundaries and limitations of the medium itself.

About the Publisher
Fw:Books is an independent publisher with a focus on photography and related topics. Photography is a unique medium; it doesn’t have a fixed way of revealing itself. We see the choice to make a book as a choice to make a new work.

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