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Full Metal Jacket
Sujin Shin


Full-Metal-JacketFull Metal Jacket
Sujin Shin
Ian Books

Contributing Artists: Bohnchang Koo (구본창)Taewon Jang (장태원)Hein-Kuhn Oh (오형근)Oksun Kim (김옥선)Sungsoo Khim (김성수) and Suejin Shin  (신수진).

114 Pages
155 x 210 mm
ISBN 979§§85374024


Accompanying booklet with a 3 part dialogue with five Korean artists by Sujin Shin.

About the Artist
Suejin Shin is a creative director, writer, and professor. Combining psychology of vision and theory of photography, Shin has pioneered a unique field where science and art converge. Her basic research is developed and performed using psychological methods to analyze photographic images; in the applied field she consults on exhibition directing, publishing, and artist support program.

About the Publisher 
Since its foundation in 2007, Iann has organised a variety of projects ranging from the publication of the contemporary art photography magazine to curating exhibitions, publishing books, and running educational programs.

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