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Flâneur: New Urban Narratives
Various Artists

Flâneur : New Urban Narratives

Flâneur : New Urban NarrativesFlâneur: New Urban Narratives
Various Authors


Edition of 1000
213 pages
170 x 237 mm
ISBN 9789899538733


This book gathers a selection of papers presented during the Flâneur : New Urban Narratives International Conference, that took place in May 2015, at the São Luiz Municipal Theatre in Lisbon, Portugal. The Conference was the official launch of the European project Flâneur : New Urban Narratives which is based in Lisbon, having as main subjects the city and contemporary photography, challenging both to interwine in public space as an exhibition.
(source: back cover)

About the Organisation
Flâneur: New Urban Narratives is an European art project that encourages photographers to work in an urban environment, enabling a fresh look at the dynamics of European cities and their geographic and social landscapes. Through international photography residencies, exhibitions and events, the project will explore the idea of a “flâneur” in the daily reality of Europeans. More than simple clichés, the project seeks to find what is not obvious in the city, searching for alternative ways of understanding urban space and its singularities, as well contributing to reflections on public space and urban social development.

About the Organisation is a Cultural and Social Association founded in 2005 by professionals aiming to develop, produce and disclose activities and projects in the field of Performing and Visual Arts.

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