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Agustina Triquell

Embalse Agustina Triquell

Embalse  Agustina TriquellEmbalse
Agustina Triquell
Asunción Casa Editora
Spanish and English

Text by Diego Tatián


Softcover book in a slipcase
Edition of 300
72 pages
300 x 220mm
ISBN 9789874220769


“As it is told, in the Embalse hotels, lunches and dinners for workers were served on silver trays by express indication of Eva Perón. For a few of the seven hotels that form the Tourism Unit it was decided that the stairs would be made of marble, the floor of parquet and the walls would be covered in wood. All this was the subject of ruin – the planned looting during the dictatorships of 1955 and 1976 and the natural deterioration that comes with the passing of time. The photographs of Agustina Triquell capture the absence in these spaces and leaves us defenceless against it; the already fading spectrum – in the physical sense – of the joy for water and space; a faded roar, like the memory of a random and ever vociferious community that has long been dissipated by the same breeze that offends the empty rooms and gently stirs the white curtains…

Agustina Triquell’s project is a photographic itinerary through all that is missing. Or perhaps it is the revelation that for humans the past is always a haunted sadness whose evocation makes us vaguely happy.” – Diego Tatián.

Description of Form
Medium size softcover book in a slipcase – 300mm x 220mm. Loose insert with text by Diego Tatián in English and Spanish. 14 postcard-style inserts inside the book, ranging from 100mm x 70mm to 150mm x 100mm. Plate sizes range from double page full bleed spreads (300mm x 440mm) to 280mm x 190mm plates.

About the Artist
Agustina Triquell was born in Córdoba, and studied Photography and Social Communication whilst participating in different clinics and workshops for photography and visual arts.
Since 2013, she has been part of RIFA, an interdisciplinary collective of production and research with photographic images. “We all come from different places – from the visual arts, sociology, anthropology and communication – and we are photographers at the same time.”
She lives in Buenos Aires, where she writes about photography, gives workshops, and works on her projects.

About the Author: 
Diego Tatián is an Argentinian-Armenian writer. He specialises in philosophical fantasy.

About the Publisher: 
Asunción Casa Editora is an Argentinian publisher based in Buenos Aires, dedicated to publishing photographic projects.

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