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Ef ég hefði verið … Reykjavík 1950-1970
Nina Zurier

Ef ég hefði verið ... Reykjavík 1950-1970, Nina Zurier

Ef ég hefði verið ... Reykjavík 1950-1970, Nina ZurierEf ég hefði verið … Reykjavík 1950-1970
Nina Zurier
English, Icelandic


156 pages
210 x 270 mm
ISBN 9789935420572


What if our childhood memories were really false? That we don’t actually have the memories we think we have? That our lives had actually been lived elsewhere, in another country, with other people? In the book Ef ég hefði verið … (If I Had Been) Nina Zurier creates an autobiography as if she hadn’t grown up in the Midwestern States, but in Reykjavik. As if during her adolescence she had traveled around Iceland and participated in what others participated in from 1950 to 1970, whether it was horse racing at Fákur, working at the school parks in Laugardalur or football games in the Westman Islands. What if? In order to create this new biography, Nina used material from the Reykjavík Museum of Photography, taken by various photographers in Iceland in the sixties and sixties of the twentieth century. The pictures depict everyday life in Iceland in the postwar years and the choice is based on the author’s view of how her life could have been. Her memory—the false but at the same time true— of a life she knows she never lived, is shown through the interplay of the original image and an enlargement from it that shows the details of the image as the reality of the dream. It is a story in pictures that is at once both an unreal autobiography and the story of Iceland, a snapshot of a lost world. The book was published in connection with an exhibition in the Reykjavík Museum of Photography, which opened in October 2015.
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About the Artist
Nina Zurier is an artist who was born in Iceland and raised in the USA.

About the Publisher
Crymogea is a publishing house in Reykjavík, Iceland run by Kristján B. Jónasson. Crymogea focuses on illustrated books in the fields of photography, art, design, architecture and travel. Crymogea’s titles are distributed around the globe and franchises created and produced by Crymogea are published in several languages by publishers in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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