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Evelyn Hofer

Dublin Evelyn Hofer

Dublin Evelyn HoferDublin
Evelyn Hofer


152 pages
210 x 280 mm
ISBN 9783958296329


The starting point for this book is Evelyn Hofer’s Dublin: A Portrait, which features an in-depth essay by V. S. Pritchett and photos by Hofer, and enjoyed great popularity upon its original publication in 1967. Dublin: A Portrait is an example of Hofer’s perhaps most important body of work, her city portraits: books that present comprehensive prose texts by renowned authors alongside her self-contained visual essays with their own narratives. Dublin: A Portrait was the last book published in this renowned series.

The newly conceived Dublin focuses on the photos Hofer took on behalf of the publisher Harper & Row in 1965 and 1966. In Dublin Hofer repeatedly turned her camera to sights of the city, but mainly to the people who constituted its essence. She made numerous portraits—be they of writers and public figures or unknown people in the streets. Her portraits give evidence of an intense, respectful engagement with her subjects, who participate as equal partners in the process of photographing.

About the Artist
Evelyn Hofer (1922 – 2009) was a German-American portrait and documentary photographer. She began he career as a photographer in the mid 1940s, after fleeing Germany and arriving in New York where she was quickly taken up by the legendary art director Alexey Brodovich. One of the earliest modern colorists, Hofer’s work subtly updates the traditions of Atget and Sander adding color, irony, and a female perspective on the world. Moving back and forth between portraits and landscape, and black and white and colour, over the four most active decades of her career, Hofer created a body of work that made her in critic Hilton Kramer’s words “one of the most accomplished masters of the medium”.

About the Publisher 
Born in Göttingen in 1950, Gerhard Steidl began working as a printer and designer in 1969. Soon the customers of his screen-printing workshop included Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers and Nam June Paik, among other well-known artists. In 1972, the first Steidl book Befragung der documenta (Questioning documenta) was published. From political non-fiction he then expanded into literature and selected books on art and photography.