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Don’t Smile Now… Save it for Later!
Thijs Groot Wassink

Don’t Smile Now… Save it for Later! Thijs Groot Wassink

Don’t Smile Now… Save it for Later! Thijs Groot WassinkDon’t Smile Now… Save it for Later!
Thijs Groot Wassink
The Archive of Modern Conflict 


56 pages
170 x 215 mm
ISBN 9780954709136


In Don’t Smile Now… Save it for Later!, Thijs Groot Wassink shows us London from the viewpoint of a photo booth. Go into the booth, open the curtain, feed in the money, hold up a mirror, press the button – and pop! In post offices and train stations, supermarkets and shopping centres, the booth camera captures its first uncertain view of the world outside. It sees vague figures – blurred, menacing, oblivious, suspicious. It sees shelves of gaudy merchandise, the fingers of a man, Bob the Builder. He used a mirror and a photobooth for each shot.

About the Artist
Thijs groot Wassink (b. 1981) is a Dutch photographer based in London and one half of the artistic duo WassinkLundgren, a collaboration between Wassink  and Ruben Lundgren. Their works have been exhibited in museums worldwide and they are the recipients of numerous awards, including the China Academy Award in 2010 and the Prix du Livre at Les Rencontres d’Arles 2007 for their publication Empty Bottles. Their photography and film projects shift mundane, often unnoticeable, everyday occurrences into visually compelling and gently amusing observations of the world around us.

About the Publisher
The Archive of Modern Conflict is an organisation dedicated to the collection and preservation of vernacular photographs, objects, artefacts, curiosities, and ephemera. Founded in 1991, the archive began as a collection of photographs relating to war and conflict but has since expanded its remit to become the vast and thematically diverse repository it is today. They have produced and published over thirty books, often collaborating with photographers and artists such as Stephen Gill, Cristina de Middel, Thomas Mailaender, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, and Don McCullin.

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