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Division of Pleasures
Vieceli & Cremers

Division of Pleasures Vieceli & Cremers

Division of Pleasures Vieceli & CremersDivision of Pleasures
Vieceli & Cremers

Essay by Jörg Scheller.


136 pages
210 × 148 mm
ISBN 978395489420


Designed by Peter Saville, Joy Division’s 1979 debut album Unknown Pleasures’ cover is one of the most identifiable and iconic pieces of graphic design in history. It has since triggered countless interpretations and reprocessings as a globally recognised pop cultural trope. Taking this image as its theme, Division of Pleasures features 136 pages of recreations, installations, modifications, transformations, pre-digital memes, repetitions and differences, and differences in repetition.

About the Artist and Publisher
Vieceli & Cremers is an award-winning studio specialising in individualised design solutions for conceptual communication. Our portfolio includes books, graphic identities, videos, exhibitions and installations. Whether working for our clients or on self-initiated projects, our focus is in the exploration of connectivity, engagement and action. Before our studio Vieceli & Cremers, from 2012 until 2018 Tania Prill was partner of the studio, then called Prill Vieceli Cremers. everyedition is a publishing house founded by Sebastian Cremers and dedicated to designing and printing books that stand as unique objects, emphasising a rather conceptual approach.

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