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Digital Art In Ireland

Digital Art In IrelandDigital Art In Ireland
James O’Sullivan
Anthem Press

Texts by James O’Sullivan, EL Putnam, Anne Karhio, Kenneth Keating, Conor McGarrigle, Kieran Nolan, Claire Fitch, Kirstie North, and Chris Clarke

147 pages
160 x 235 mm202
ISBN 9781785274787

This collection of essays explores digital art in Ireland. Comprising contributions from scholars and practitioners, it examines how new media technologies are shaping the island’s contemporary artistic practices. As one of the first dedicated treatments of Irish digital art, it fills a major gap in the national media archaeology of Ireland.

About the Editor
James O’Sullivan teaches across various topics in the digital humanities and digital culture, specifically, digital literary and cultural studies, and computer-assisted criticism. He took up a lectureship in the Department of Digital Humanities at University College Cork in July 2017. He am a member of the Research and Innovation Committee for the College of Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences at UCC, as well as a member of the inaugural board of the Future Humanities Institute at UCC, for which he lead the cluster on Digital Cultures, New Media, & Cultural Analytics.

About the Publisher
Anthem Press was established in 1993, Anthem Press specializes in the publishing of new academic research, professional and trade books and e-books within established and emerging social sciences, humanities and business/law fields.

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