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Der Engel in Making
Iacopo Pasqui

Der Engel in Making, Iacopo Pasqui

Der Engel in Making, Iacopo PasquiDer Engel in Making
Iacopo Pasqui
19 Rivers


Softcover (signed)
Edition 5, 6/50
11 pages (fold out)
240 x 330 mm
ISBN Not Available


Der Engel in Making is a project made in Łódź between 2018 and 2023 and is loosely inspired by Wim Wenders’ film Der Himmel über Berlin. As described by the author:

“Łódź immediately reminded me of East Berlin and I therefore imagined myself to be the angel who, unlike in the film, lives and follows the inhabitants on the other side of the city. Like those angels, during my short but intense trips to Łódź I recorded everything that struck me. Instead of taking notes in my diary, I took pictures. I wanted them to be like words – light, accessible, free and evocative – telling of my Polish present, but also the present – and in a way the past – of the place that made me feel like an angel. The place that made me feel at home, which I will not be able to fully describe or know, but which I just have to remember just like this, through a series of photographic words that intertwine and create a messy and exceptionally long Pindaric flight of beauty, history, truthfulness and deep feelings”.

About the Artist
Specialised in Fine Art photography and documentary photography, Iacopo Pasqui (b. 1984, Florence) explores the relationship between man-nature-landscape and social behaviour. He often uses photography as a metaphor and tool to critique and observe contemporary society, favouring projects with medium and long timeframes.

He has won numerous prizes and competitions including “Giovane Fotografia Italiana #07” at Fotografia Europea Festival in Reggio Emilia (2019), Leica Talent 24×36, 2011/2012, Off Site Art promoted by ArtBridge, 2014, Contemporary Landscapes and Places in Transformation – Artist residency in Italy promoted by MiBACT and GAI, 2017.

He is among the photographers included in the volume History of Photography in Italy: From 1839 to present by G. D’Autilia, Einaudi, Torino 2012. He is the author of books and publications and has participated in various solo and collective exhibitions, most recently in the exhibition 1999 at the Museo MAXXI in Rome, 2017. He has taken part in artistic residencies and lectures in the University of Perugia and Teramo.

About the Publisher
19 Rivers is an art collective based in Łódź, Poland, where it offers workshops as well as functioning as a publishing house.