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Cartography: Frequently Asked Questions

Cartography: Frequently Asked Questions CAPP

Cartography: Frequently Asked Questions CAPPCartography: Frequently Asked Questions

Assembled by Susanne Bosch.


30 pages
145 x 209 mm
ISBN Not Applicable


212 questions are listed that emerged within the four years of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) network process. This collection serves as an ongoing articulation of emerging knowledge and invites to be expanded. The questions and answers further invite you, the reader to feel the provocation or irritation in the unexpected. The collection was assembled by Susanne Bosch, CAPP Artist Researcher and taken from CAPP meetings and individual conversations. These questions were presented as CAPP Cartography Q&A at Practice and Power, the major dissemination event of CAPP from the 20th to the 23rd of June 2018 in Dublin, Ireland.
(source: book blurb)

About the Creator
Susanne Bosch is a Berlin-based artist and independent researcher in the field of socially engaged art, working mostly on long-term projects. She is also a socially engaged artist, working mostly on long-term projects. She is also an experienced facilitator of groups using the Art of Hosting and other methods. She works as much on the invisible form as part of the process as she does on the visible form as product or outcome. She often calls herself an Interface activist. Susanne is the lead researcher of CAPP.

About the Organisation
The overall goal of CAPP is to improve and open up opportunities for artists who are working collaboratively across Europe, by enhancing mobility and exchange whilst at the same time engaging new publics and audiences for collaborative practices.The different strands of the CAPP programme consist of national and international professional development opportunities, artist residencies, commissioned works, public presentations, symposia and debates
and a major showcase that was held in 2018.

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